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Hussain Funeral Directors is proud to be one of North America’s leading provider of funeral, cremation and cemetery  services. Since  Hussain Funeral Directors has been serving families and funeral homes during their most difficult, personal and challenging times. Today, we are the company that more than thousands families turn to and trust in their most difficult time of their lives. Every family we serve is served with the most professional care and advice and respect and dignity to their loved ones.


Celebrating Lives

We are committed dedicated funeral professionals who touch the lives of thousands of families in great and significant ways. We only consider it an  honor and privilege each time you families chooses us to lead, guide and educate when a family is making funeral arrangement choices. We will lead you through every step of the way.


Our work with other Funeral Homes

In Today’s funeral industry its changing rapidly you’re your funeral home must keep up and still serve every family with compassion, dignity and yet remaining being cost effective. With the The state of the current economy still on the fix and families  having more opportunity and choices than everfor funeral and cremations  service, it is important  that your funeral home stay with the trends. The best way way to separate yourself from the competition is by implementing the best program possible.

This is an area where Hussain Funeral Directors We will put together your business idea and plans with our creative ideas and experience to develop a program that is specific to your funeral home and the communities you serve.

Dignified ceremonies and celebrations  for your love one is our promise at Hussain Funeral Directors. We provide honorable funeral services that commemorate the life and legacy of the departed. Located in Columbus, OH and in other  major cities across the country, our services  assist families and communities in preparing funeral services their loved ones truly deserve.Hussain Funeral Directors is dedicated  to helping families in need of funeral or cremation services. We will educates you on how to give the best possible celebration  for your loved at the most affordable cost. We help provide quality funerals, burials, and cremation services to disadvantaged  communities and low income families nationwide.

We bring more than 25 years of combined experience to the table. Let us help you meet your goals by creating the perfect program for you!

The Leaders of  "Do it Yourself and Natural Burial Funerals and Family Funeral Options"

Our Purpose

Hussain Funeral Directors is dedicated to compassionately supporting families at difficult times, celebrating the significance of lives that have been lived, and preserving memories that transcend generations, with dignity and honor.


Hussain Funeral Directors we are also educators, agents and Home Funerals Guides that empower families and friends in spiritually healing and cost saving measures after the loss of a loved one. We educate them on their legal rights in the funeral process of arranging a funeral after losing a loved. We are here to educate families by showing them how to have a meaningful celebration as well as keeping the cost way under the national averages sometimes even under 50 to 70% lower than the national average.






Our Service, your savings, top quality


 Our Promise

We at Hussain Funeral DIrectors  promise to always be attentive to every families and funeral homes needs, reliable and dependable being there when you needs us, we will always be transparent, honest and truthful. We promise to always remain professional, courteous and compassionate during the difficult time of bereavement. Integrity is our bottom line, and your trust in us is what matters at Hussain Funeral Directors.



Your Savings

Our commitment is to help, lead, guide and educate you how save money during the funeral arrangement process. Our promise is to help families save money. It’s the cornerstone of our organization and foundation of which our promise stands. Sure, traditional funeral homes will promise and promote savings, but after they get you to the table they’ll give you a different cost. Not at Celebration we promise that the prices you hear and see are the prices that you get. No hidden cost, no gimmicks just absolute low prices with the highest quality products at true affordable prices. Losing a loved one is hard enough but paying for their funeral shouldn’t be.



Top Quality

Our promise is to always you give top quality merchandise at true affordable prices. We don’t mark up the cost of caskets, and merchandise because that wouldn’t be service, that wouldn’t be help. Just because a family does not have a lot of money or large insurance policies they still deserve quality merchandise and a celebration to remember. That is our promise, that’s our commitment.



Do You Need a Funeral Director?  The answer in NO. In all states, it is legal to have your loved one's body at home after they die, and most states don't require you to use a licensed funeral director for final arrangements.

A family is allowed to have a loved ones funeral in any Church, Temple, or Event Center of their choosing. (Home Funeral Laws: An Overview |

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Documents relating to but not limited to insurances

Death Registration and Vital Statistic forms

Body release and embalming authorizations

Cremation Authorization

Burial Permits

Documents relating to overseas and permits

Transportation documents in country or out of country

Apostille Documents

Funeral and Memorial Planning Guides

Obituary Templates

Representative declaration

Family power of Attorney forms and agent forms